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Links: A Collection of Short Stories



Reviewed on Author-Hive / Santa Cruz Library Staff Pick / Reviewed on the Morning Edition program at KUSP 88.9 FM / Reviewed by ForeWord Clarion Review5 out of 5 Stars

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Regular copies as well as SIGNED copies available at local events. If you are super anti-Amazon, please email me and I will be happy to mail you a copy after you do the paypal thing. And yep, I’ll sign it!

From the back cover of Links...

A mother struggling to forge a connection with the daughter she lost years ago, the emptiness and frustration of a lonely marriage, a sweet sexual coming of age, a sisters' shared innocent rebellion, a surprising moment of horrific introspection, a moment of closure that shadows any hope for new beginnings...these stories and more showcase the links that everyday people struggle to create.

These are glimpses of successes, of failures, of hope. They travel deep into the hearts and minds of the regular people who embody our contemporary culture and remind us all of what it means to be human, to be linked.

Although the characters do not know each other, their common desire to find a connection reverberates throughout the collection, connecting each story with themes of loss, change, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Join these extraordinary voices as they weave together a chain of unforgettable Links.

Kindle Single: Angel 


Kindle Singles are short stories that give you a taste of Kaylia Metcalfe's writing.

This haunting short story tells of the unexpected moment of connection between two strangers that leads to a dramatic moment of transformation. 

All Angel was looking for was a bit of spare change…

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Kindle Single: Aside

aside cover.jpg

Kindle Singles are short stories that give you a taste of Kaylia Metcalfe's writing.

A casual conversation turns serious as a woman attempts to find meaning in her past. This is the story of what happens when we pull the car over and actually deal with the tension in the air. 

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Maddie and Too Many Mommies / Out of Print

(There is a chance a reprint will be done at some point.)